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Creating design solutions that improve operations & attract customers.

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SCOPE specializes in developing innovative design solutions for industrial / manufacturing, commercial offices, clean room operations, retail and government organizations. With 80% of our projects being repeat clients such as Bausch+Lomb, Century 3 and Innospec, we take pride in meeting our clients’ specific needs. Below are some of the clients we have worked with in the past.


SCOPE stands head-and-shoulders ABOVE

As a manager of millions of square feet of retail space with years in the business, I believe SCOPE stands head-and-shoulders above the rest in providing informed, cost-effective solutions that satisfy all parties. Their team brings an unparalleled ability to foster a collaborative approach, build consensus and manage potential delays before they occur. More than any other factor, SCOPE's design experience and relationships with permitting authorities and builders prepare them to anticipate where delays may occur and to avoid them by being proactive. For example, we just completed a space for a travel agency at one of our centers. SCOPE secured the permits before I had a builder on board to do the work enabling the project to move forward seamlessly to the build-out phase. I would not hesitate to recommend the team at SCOPE. Their clients benefit from the highest level of interdisciplinary coordination, quality control and quick responses.

- Don Thompson, Don Thompson, Site Centers, Tenant Coordination Project Manager


SCOPE has provided excellent architectural service for all types and sizes of projects, from remodeling one or two offices up to multi-million dollar projects involving remodels to all site buildings. SCOPE has earned our trust, in part, by being very flexible and able to respond quickly to changing field conditions and project requirements as well as dealing with stringent building code requirements in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Having worked with SCOPE for many years on many different projects I highly recommend their services to you.

- Leonard Smith, Leonard Smith, Clariant Corporation, Facilities Manager and SEO


We have worked on numerous projects at the Bausch+Lomb Greenville Solution Plant with SCOPE to create highly technical, state-of- art facilities with minimal issues. SCOPE’s insightful ideas help us meet the challenges of expanding and/or upgrading the existing plant while avoiding interruption to the plant’s 24/7 operations. Their team is excellent and always available to address comments and concerns. They consistently show that they will meet project deadlines and budgets every single time. SCOPE plays an important role in the success of the projects that we do together.

- Dale Goldman, Project Manager, M. B. Kahn Construction Company, Inc., Greenville Div.


Choosing the right architect is critical to the success of a construction project. The quality of the finished design reflects the skill of the chosen architect. An architect's foresight expedites and facilitates the transitions of any build out. The quality of work produced by Steve Engelhardt at Scope Architectural Consulting is unsurpassed. Steve is meticulous, he clearly takes pride in attention to detail and thoroughness. Our square footage was well utilized, with no wasted space. Steve is very knowledgeable of what is required for county inspections. He researches to anticipate and eliminate anything which could create delays. Steve was very accessible for any questions throughout the process. He was available to consult with in person, lending personal oversight when requested. Scope is also an excellent resource for recommending qualified contractors for projects. While we have built several commercial and residential projects in the past, and have had good experiences, we find Steve Engelhardt's work to be exceptional and unparalleled. I would use no other architectural firm going forward.

- M. Kirdasi, Owner, Subway