Subway at Chestnut Arbor

Local sandwich franchise thrives in Chestnut Arbor.

When local Subway owner and Rob Stamp, NC Director of Development at Subway, realized that they needed clarity on local code requirements for their new store, they turned to the expertise of SCOPE. As a result, SCOPE worked to design an inviting interior that was functional, attractive, and most importantly code-compliant for it’s employees and customers. Due to the success of this Subway, SCOPE has since worked on multiple other locations throughout North Carolina.

“The quality of work produced by SCOPE is unsurpassed. Steve is meticulous, he clearly takes pride in attention to detail and thoroughness. He researches to anticipate and eliminate anything which could create delays. Their team was very accessible for any questions throughout the process including being available to consult with in person, lending personal oversight when requested.”
— Mike Kirdasi



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