Chemistry Lab Renovations

Providing Bausch + Lomb with improved space adjacencies and storage capabilities.

Bausch + Lomb turned to the expertise of SCOPE and Perigon to renovate one of their existing labs at their Greenville, SC location. This project involved renovating the existing lab spaces to provide an updated floor plan with an efficient work flow by relocating and adding equipment, replacing and reconfiguring the laboratory casework and replacing room finishes.

Architecturally, SCOPE was responsible for the coordination of any wall removals, lab casework replacement as designed by Nycom, relocation and replacement of lab equipment and replacement of the existing room finishes. Perigon’s HVAC department provided the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) design work for necessary improvements to the systems that support the lab renovations. Work included adjusting the supply, return and exhaust systems to support the new hoods and make-up air requirements. Electrical services included the design of all necessary lighting, power, and special systems in the renovated lab areas as designated by Bausch + Lomb.

In addition, SCOPE provided project management and construction oversight ensuring that the team met all project objectives. This included all interdisciplinary coordination, arranging and leading technical reviews with B + L, Perigon and MB Kahn (Builder), providing project documentation and problem solving as required to resolve technical, cost, or logistics obstacles. Steve Engelhardt was the primary contact with B + L’s Project Manager, and ensured that the A/E team involved was aware of B + L’s business and technical objectives and constraints.



Greenville, South Carolina


2,460 SF


Architectural Design, Engineering Coordination, Project Management, Permitting, Code Review, Construction Admin.






Laboratory, South Carolina